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Security and Training

RPL Security & training services is your permanent and temporary training and contract staffing solution.

RPL Security & training services provides employees across many disciplines, such as:

  • Security Guards
  • End Control Checkers
  • Surveillance
  • Undercover Assistance
  • Management


RPL Security & training services understands the demand for specialized and professionally trained employees. We therefore provide the following:

SASETTA Accredited - 161999692508   PPAA02670

  • Work Skill Program : E, D & C


Psira Accredited - 2576648

Accreditation Address - T-NO: 1562

Short Courses :

  • Grade E, D, C at R 750 per Grade ( do all three and pay only R 1550 )


Training Centre - Waltloo Business Park 

                                Cnr 291 Waltloo Road & Albert Street


How can we help the community?



RPL Security & training services aims to provide the best quality training, and strives to provide the best quality, pre-trained, competent staff to all our clients.

RPL Security & Training services aims to target the unemployed, unskilled citizens, and provide them with the necessary training to acquire a skill. We will also do our utter best to find employment for these newly trained candidates - assisting the unemployment rate in our country.